The Democratic Voter Project (DVP) political action committee and public policy think tank dedicated to democratic principles. DVP is the intellectual home of innovative ideas that can transform and modernize politics. With fresh proposals and ideas that are updated and made publicly available, DVP contributes to the public policy discourse that is lost in a world of political tribalism.

As a political action committee DVP can and does support Democratic candidates for office  and also engages in issue advocacy. Candidates cannot win without solid ideas on improving the lives of those who trust them with their votes. We have mostly strive to focus on issues and remain neutral in primary elections, but have encouraged our members and all Democrats to support the candidates of their choice. Furthermore, we encourage all Democrats to run for office and make a difference.

This website contains policy statements that spell out public policy proposals and ideas. The earliest policy statements are from 2002 and have continued to be improved, refined and updated ever since. DVP also publishes the Democratic Daily News, a web based news and information site that highlights achievements and ideas of elected Democrats nationwide. Our Facebook page has become a focal point of interaction and daily discussion about articles that we post from reputable news organizations.

As a political action committee, DVP has the legal right to engage in individual campaign expenditures at the state and federal level. Although these are few in number and very selective, we will endorse and work for Democratic candidates that we feel demonstrate a firm grasp on public policy and have a clear idea of how to improve the lives of all.