The recent statements by President Trump regarding U.S. Aid to Pakistan have raised the level of uncertainty within this crucial relationship. A major issue are the Afghan refugees totaling approximately 1.4 million living in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan is currently offering aid to these refugees and if there is a cut in U.S. support this may be the first cut by Pakistan to make up the difference. The result may be a flood of refugees to neighboring countries or back in to Afghanistan. The untended consequences of this potential U.S. cut will be a request for more aid to Afghanistan.

Furthermore, any actions by the U.S. military in Pakistan to target suspected terrorist will not be ignored by Pakistan and this could result in a military encounter. Such a encounter could strain relations to the breaking point thus making it likely that U.S. troop level in would need to be bolstered in Afghanistan.

The remarks by Trump are dangerous and unnecessary at a time when we need to maintain alliances not destroy them. Although not a perfect partner, Pakistan is the only one we have in a dangerous neighborhood.

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