The opportunity to lower the global carbon footprint off the coast of Massachusetts was dealt a blow with the death of the Cape Wind Project.

Unrelenting political pressure from powerful families plus a current anti-environmental administration in Washington have resulted in the project being cancelled.

Cape Wind, would have utilized 130 turbines in Nantucket Sound, providing clean energy. Although similar projects are working well off the Rhode Island Coast and are planned for other east Coast locations, the politics of this killed it in the end.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Tuesday recommended President Donald Trump reduce the size and change the management of more national monuments in the western United States, and lashed out at critics of cuts already announced to protected areas in Utah.

The effort by the Trump administration to roll back monument designations by past presidents covering millions of acres of wilderness and tribal sites has rekindled the national debate over how best to manage America’s vast public lands – pitting conservationists against development advocates.

There is a serious political risk to the environment when a hand full of people no matter their political stripe can stop a project that will lower the risk of climate change. It is a disgrace to attack national monuments that preserve the environment for all. You don’t need power to visit a national monument but you do need power to destroy one.

The ability to shape policy from a living room with one phone call is just another way politics is killing the environment. Our environment can be saved if we elect people who want to protect the environment and are responsive to science and not beholden to campaign donations.

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