It’s not that Donald Trump never held office before that is his biggest problem. Many smart people have only worked in government at the lowest levels and would not have made the same errors as Trump. Proof of this is the latest policy change that will result in the cut of arms to Kurdish militias that played a key role in defeating Islamic State militants in Syria.

If Trump goes through with this it will undermine the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units or YPG, a U.S. ally which bore the brunt of the fighting to clear ISIS forces from their self-proclaimed capital in Raqqa, Syria.

No matter how tense things may be between the U.S. and Turkey, we cannot be bullied or intimidated into this policy change. Although we must remain sensitive to the Turkish concerns over armed Kurdish forces, we must stand firm when the end game is defeating ISIS. The arming of the YPG has been and will continue to be vital to that goal.

Any thinking person could see that when you have success you do not tamper with it. Trump has no clue how to deal with tough characters such as Turkish President Erdogan. If he did and if he had negotiating skills as he claimed, then there would have been a discussion behind closed doors where the YPG still received arms and the Turks received something else.

Political experience would not have prepared Trump for this moment, but common sense and the ability to listen to experienced diplomats in both parties would have. Trump lacks the life skills to be President and that is the real problem that has created yet another foreign policy blunder.

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