Republicans are so fond of gun and war analogies that we have coined one for them. Republican Roulette refers to the loaded tax bill that is in the house and senate chambers soon to be on Trump’s desk.

Stealing away homeowner deductions, increasing the wealth of the 1% and limiting the ability of the government to restore our infrastructure will be the result of this disastrous tax plan. Ignoring the opioid crisis, Veterans benefits and all the other things revenue pays for this bill is an excuse to inflict more pain ion the already vulnerable.

The Republicans are gambling with the future of this nation. Home owners will be the biggest losers as property values drop, taxes increase, and home sales decrease. If you want to buy a home, then that dream will be placed out of reach.

Yes, it makes sense that the tax bill cuts deductions and in the process, widens the base of available funds. Yes, this is how the 1986 tax bill was passed. But the difference is that this is not 1986. We have a different set of problems, chief among them an infrastructure that is crumbling and it will require massive federal investments.

Opposition has grown among Americans to a Republican tax plan before the U.S. Congress, with 49 percent of people who were aware of the measure saying they opposed it, up from 41 percent in October, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

In addition to the 49 percent who said they opposed the Republican tax bill, 29 percent said they supported it and 22 percent said they “don’t know,” according to the Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll of 1,257 adults conducted from Thursday to Monday.

This is a game of chance that the Republicans are playing and the victims are the American people. Unfortunately for the Republicans the American people know it.

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